Towards digital paradise: Developing four business cases of hyperconnected technologies

The hyperconnected technologies change the way to do business. The future business is all about recognising the best new ways to create efficiency through better use of technology and data. The joint effects of digitalisation, new sensor technologies, machine learning, robotics, printable electronics, and the ability to gather vast amounts of data and often use it in real-time alter the way businesses create and capture value now and in the future.

This briefing paper firstly ​describes four business cases of hyperconnected technologies that have been co-created together with companies and researchers in the Naked Approach. The paper shows how the increased availability of data moves businesses from hunch to insight – in other words, how to base value creation on facts rather than educated guesses. Secondly,​ this briefing paper aims to recognize the possibilities of using hyperconnected technologies to improve human capabilities in the digitalized era.