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 The Geography of Pokémon GO: Beneficial and Problematic Effects on Places and Movement Ashley Colley, Jacob Thebault-Spieker, Allen Yilun Lin, Donald Degraen, Benjamin Fischman, Jonna Häkkilä, Kate Kuehl, Valentina Nisi, Nuno Jardim Nunes, Nina Wenig, Dirk Wenig, Brent Hecht, Johannes Schöning Conference CHI’17  2
BreathScreen – Design and Evaluation of an Ephemeral UI Ismo Alakärppä, Elisa Jaakkola, Ashley Colley, Jonna Häkkilä Conference CHI’17  2
Comparing Thermal and Haptic Feedback Mechanisms for Game Controllers Markus Löchtefeld, Tuomas Lappalainen, Jani Väyrynen, Ashley Colley, Jonna Häkkilä Conference CHI’17 Extended Abstracts  0
Head Mounted Display Design Tool and Its Evaluation for Simulating Visual Disabilities Väyrynen, J., Colley, A., Häkkilä, J. Conference MUM’16  1
 Exploring Information Delivery on a Guided Tour using Mobile Projection and Visual Markers Häkkilä, J., Virtanen, L., Rantakari, J., Colley, A., Cheverst, K Conference MUM’16  1
 Exploring Smart Handbag Concepts through Co-Design Pakanen, M., Lappalainen, T., Roinesalo, P., Häkkilä, J. Conference MUM’16  1
Extending the Touchscreen Pattern Lock Mechanism with Duplicated and Temporal Codes Colley, A., Seitz, T.,, Lappalainen, T., Kranz, M., Häkkilä, J. Journal Advances in Human-Computer Interaction  1
Towards a Design Space for Liquid User Interfaces Jonna Häkkilä, Ashley Colley Conference NordiCHI’16 1
Crouch, hold and engage: Spatial Aspects of Augmented Reality Browsing Ashley Colley, Tuomas Lappalainen, Elisa Määttänen, Johannes Schöning, Jonna Häkkilä Conference NordiCHI’16 1
Changing the camera-to-screen angle to improve AR browser usage. Ashley Colley, Wouter Van Vlaenderen, Johannes Schöning, Jonna Häkkilä Conference MobileHCI’16 1
Charting User Preferences on Wearable Visual Markers Jonna Häkkilä, Juho Rantakari, Paula Roinesalo, Ashley Colley Conference International Symposium of Wearable Computers 2016 1
Smart Handbag as a Wearable Public Display – Exploring Concepts and User Perceptions Ashley Colley, Minna Pakanen, Saara Koskinen, Kirsi Mikkonen, Jonna Häkkilä Conference Augmented Human 2016 1
Candle Shadow Display for Ambient Communication Delivery Tuomas Lappalainen, Ashley Colley, Jenine Beekhuyzen, Jonna Häkkilä Conference DIS 2016 Demos
In the Candle Light – Pervasive Display Concept for Emotional Communication Jonna Häkkilä, Tuomas Lappalainen, Saara Koskinen Conference PerDis 2016  1
Guided Touch Screen – Enhanced Eyes-Free Interaction Ashley Colley, Lasse Virtanen, Timo Ojala, Jonna Häkkilä Conference PerDis 2016  1
NatureCHI – Unobtrusive User Experiences with Technology in Nature Häkkilä, J., Cheverst, K., Schöning, J., Bidwell, N. J., Robinson, S., Colley, A. Conference Extended Abstracts of CHI 2016
Energy Harvesting ASIC for Autonomous Sensors  Jarno Salomaa, Mika Pulkkinen, Tuomas Haapala, Shailesh Singh Chouhan, Kari Halonen Conference  ISCAS2016  1
  45.2% Energy Efficiency Improvement of UWB IR Tx by Use of Differential PPM in 180nm CMOS Mika Pulkkinen, Tuomas Haapala, Jarno Salomaa, Kari Halonen Conference ISCAS2016 1
Architectural modifications for flexible supercapacitor performance optimization  J. Keskinen, S. Lehtimäki, A. Dastpak, S. Tuukkanen, T. Flyktman, T. M. Kraft, A. Railanmaa, D. Lupo  Journal Article Electronic Materials Letters  2
 High Density R2R Screen Printed Silver Interconnections for Flexible Hybrid System Integration  T. M. Kraft, L. Leppänen, T. Kololuoma, S. Lahokallio, L. Frisk, M. Mäntysalo  Conference Paper  ESTC 2016  1
 Gear Up for the Internet of Everythingwith Wearable Electronics  T. M. Kraft  Conference, Invited Oral  LOPEC 2016  not rated
 Integrating Printed and Silicon Electronics  M. Mäntysalo, T. M. Kraft  Conference, Invited Oral  ICFPE 2016  not rated
 Evaluation of Rotary Screen Printed High Density Interconnects for R2R Fabricated Hybrid Systems  Thomas Kraft, Terho Kololuoma, Jukka Hast, and Matti Mäntysalo  Conference, Oral  MRS 2016 (fall)  1
 Printed Supercapacitors with Environmentally Friendly Materials for Energy Harvesting Applications  Jari Keskinen, Arman Dastpak, Suvi Lehtimäki, Sampo Tuukkanen, Thomas Kraft, Anna Railanmaa, Donald Lupo  Conference, poster  LOPEC 2016  not rated
Manufacturing a solid hydrogel electrolyte by spin coating on highly porous surfaces Anna Railanmaa, Marika Janka, Donald Lupo Conference, Oral MRS 2015 (fall) 1
 Low-power impulse radio transmitter in 180 nanometer CMOS  Tuomas Haapala  MSc Thesis
Construction of a wireless remotely read weather station Vesa Punju BSc Thesis
A 1.3-µW Frequency–Scalable 12-bit Incremental ΔΣ ADC for Energy Harvesting Sensor Applications Shiva Jamali-Zavareh, Jarno Salomaa, Mika Pulkkinen, Shailesh Singh Chouhan, Kari Halonen Conference  NORCAS 2016  –
Low power CMOS motion sensors Sami Ollila BSc Thesis
Printed Aqueous Supercapacitors: Materials and Architecture Optimization for Improved Electrical and Mechanical Properties  J. Keskinen, T. M. Kraft, M. Kujala, S. Lehtimäki, A. Railanmaa, S. Tuukkanen, M. Mäntysalo, D. Lupo  Conference  not ranked
 Performance, stability and operation voltage optimization of screen-printed aqueous supercapacitors  Suvi Lehtimäkia, Anna Railanmaa, Jari Keskinen, Manu Kujala, Sampo Tuukkanen, Donald Lupo  Journal  2
Ultra-Low Power Incremental Delta-Sigma ADC for Energy Harvesting Sensor Applications Jarno Salomaa, Shiva Jamali-Zavareh, Mika Pulkkinen, Shailesh Singh Chouhan, Kari Halonen Journal (invited) Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing 1
Comparison of starch and gelatin hydrogels for non-toxic supercapacitor electrolytes Anna Railanmaa, Suvi Lehtimaki, Donald Lupo Journal Applied Physics A 1
462-nW 2-Axis Gesture Sensor Interface Based On Capacitively Controlled Mika Pulkkinen, Jarno Salomaa, Mohammad Mehdi Moayer, Tuomas Haapala and Kari Halonen Conference ISCAS 2017 1
A 180-nW Static Power UWB IR Transmitter Front-End for Energy Harvesting Applications Tuomas Haapala, Mika Pulkkinen, Jarno Salomaa, Kari Halonen Conference ISCAS 2017 1