Risto Lätti, Business Analyst, Demos Effect

Risto works as a Business Analyst at Demos Effect. Demos Effect, the management consulting arm of Demos Helsinki, helps companies find ways to turn long term issues into drivers for their business. We believe that innovating by bringing people, institutions, stakeholders, users, and customers to work together is the only way forward.

Risto Lätti is an economist with wide international experience. He is an expert on sustainable business models, strategic foresight and international business. In addition to Demos Effect projects, Risto has worked with several research projects at Demos Helsinki such as Consumer Cleantech takes over consumer markets and Tanzict- Foresight as a complementary approach to planning. Risto has a degree in International Business from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Before joining Demos Effect, Risto has worked in the banking sector as well as an entrepreneur.

  • risto.latti@demoseffect.fi
  • + 358409329520
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