Juha Leppänen, CEO, Demos Effect

Juha Leppänen is a researcher with expertise in conceptual analysis. Juha is skilled in understanding socially important trends in the context of sustainable lifestyles, global change, new forms of social solutions and the media.

Alongside working at Demos Helsinki, Juha is one of the co-founders of the quality journalism promoting startup Scoopion, winner of the biggest Nordic media innovation award in 2011 (Uutisraivaaja, by Helsingin Sanomat Foundation).

Juha has studied communications and social sciences, as well as semiotics and philosophy. He is also familiar with the methodologies of futures studies and system dynamics, and has experience working in the publishing industry. He has done consulting on workshop facilitating and semiotic analysis, investigating themes such as the significance of art education in the development of society.

Experience of startup entrepreneurship is visible in Juha’s work at Demos Helsinki. He leads the Peloton Club, the peer-incubator for energy smart startups. This incubator model helps teams exploit their expertise to develop startups that will help solve the greatest challenges of our time. The Club is a continuation of Peloton Innovation Camp, a concept that Juha also helped develop.

In the spring of 2012, Juha co-authored a scenario report on the future of sustainable lifestyles until 2050, in Sitges Catalonia. There he enjoyed following FC Barcelona, whose game and social philosophy he finds of particular interest. He is also a passionate follower of world politics and other global events.