Aleksi Neuvonen, Founder

Aleksi Neuvonen is a futures researcher and an expert on urban development and lifestyle changes, with a fifteen-year career in multi-disciplinary social research.

Aleksiā€™s work with VTT technology research group and the Turku School of Economics Futures Research Centre gave him a thorough introduction to major systemic social entities, such as innovations policy, global sustainable development challenges and the economic importance of creative industries. Working as a freelance journalist helped him understand which themes interest the public at large.

Aleksi has an interest in the attitude of users towards decision making and planning. He has researched new manifestations of democracy and the ability of various forms of decision making to address major problems.

Academically, Aleksi home is in futures research. His Masters thesis dealt with the philosophy of scientific justifications in the scenario method at the core of futures research. He has taught courses on research criteria and scenario building of futures research at Helsinki University, Aalto University, the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tampere University of Technology and Chalmers University of Technology.

He founded Demos Helsinki together with Roope Mokka.

At Demos Helsinki, Aleksi has developed the Counting Backwards scenario method, which has been broadly applied in workshops. He has been a key promoter of urban development projects that have resulted in several Demos Helsinki initiatives related to democracy and sustainable well-being.

He is a founder of the environmental organization Dodo, and former chairman and long-term member of the Club of Rome Finnish Association and Futures Research. Aleksi is currently also engaged in his work on the board of directors at Grassroots Ltd and Crisis Management Initiative.