Naked Approach Publication Event: The Nordic Digital Promise 26.4.2018

Where is the ever-faster technological change taking our society?

Mark Zuckerberg is sorry. Recently, Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed tech’s biggest challenge: trust. Trust is known as a cornerstone of the Nordic welfare state. The levels of trust towards each other, politicians and government are higher in the Nordic countries than anywhere else.

How to build trust is a more acute question than ever before as human beings, machines, and their surroundings are connected by trillions of tiny sensors. How much power over our lives are we handing over to global tech behemoths like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Tencent? How can we steer technological change in the Nordics without stifling innovation and business? Depending on how we answer these questions, we can either be on the path for a future utopia or dystopia.

We are very happy to invite you to join the publication of The Nordic Digital Promise!

The Nordic Digital Promise is a publication that creates a vision for a hyperconnected utopia by building on Nordic strengths: trust, efficiency, equality and respect. It presents four theses on hyperconnected society related to future of R&D funding, platform economy, corporations and value creation. The publication combines the learnings from a strategic research opening called Naked Approach — a project that pulls together top-tier research teams to work on groundbreaking technologies, from energy-harvesting sensors to printable electronics.



Miapetra Kumpula-Natri, Member of the European Parliament

Robert Torvelainen, Public Policy Associate at Uber

Anne Kovalainen, Professor at the Turku School of Economics

Johannes Koponen, Foresight expert at Demos Helsinki


16.00 Publication: The Nordic Digital Promise: four theses on a hyperconnected society by Demos Helsinki

16.30 Panel Discussion: four statements

17.30 Sparkling & Demo Show