Naked Newsletter 2/2017 -Time to talk about platforms

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Digitalisation brings platforms into our everyday life

There is nothing new about platforms – but as digitalisation becomes a more and more integral part of the physical world, the role of platforms becomes more important. And an emergence of digital platform economy is driving fundamental changes in our societies.

Platforms include many opportunities and allow as to do things we could not do before. Meanwhile, they grant very little power to their users or the societies they operate in.

There are at least three reasons why we need to talk about platforms:

1. Digitalisation and IoT brings platforms into our everyday life.

2. Platforms are a new, unforeseen and strong user of power.

3. Most national governments will be powerless in controlling platforms before it’s too late.

Fortunately, others are also talking about them:

…such as Accenture: Platform Economy: Technology-driven business model innovation from the outside in

…Etsy: (yes, it is a platform, that has created very inspiring instruments to secure their platform users’ livelihoods):  Economic Security for the Gig Economy

…and Oxford Internet Institute: The hidden dangers of the global gig economy

So, the debate has started.


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