Towards Digital Paradise


What are the possibilities in using digitalization and Internet of Things to improve human capabilities and create a more resource smart world?

Naked approach has asked this question together with multi-disciplinary consortium and has reached great success during its two projects year. You can read more about the results in the publication lists in these websites.

In order to implement the Naked approach -vision into the society, we need new business: products, services and business models. In the beginning of 2017 we started together with the group of innovative companies the project Towards Digital Paradise, which aims for that.

Towards Digital Paradise -project develops new businesses that are related to sensor technology, help to solve societal problems and are based on Nordic values such as trust, privacy and participation. In the project, researchers and companies are working together to find the ways to commercialize the new technologies the Naked Approach researches.

Naked approach partners collaborates in Towards Digital Paradise with Nokia, Skandal Technology and Streamr. In addition the innovation partners of the project are Innovation+, Napapiiri Hub of Barrabes, LMInfo, Premix and group of other companies.

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