Naked Newsletter II/2016 – Leapfrogging with IoT

Naked Approach is a research project building the hyperconnected world with the sensor revolution. Hyperconnectedness and sensors will radically change the way we perceive, act, do business and interact in the world. Demos Helsinki has published two scenarios about the hyperconnected planet until the year 2040. Download the book for free here.


Inspiration: Leapfrogging with IoT

The New Story Of Computing: Invisible And Smarter Than You
This FastCoDesign story highlights nicely the Naked Approach technology vision, claiming

“We are in need of a radical solution, a way to engage an ambient, context-aware machines that can give us the best answer in any dynamic situation. We want the kind of computer that we’ve seen in TV shows like Star Trek and movies like Her, helping us accomplish tasks, from the mundane to the complex, and adjusting and learning as we interact with it. We need shapeless computers—in effect, computing without computers. And to get there, we must design an entirely new user experience, one that works invisibly alongside us, and behaves almost human.”

Nevertheless, while it’s true that these new technologies such as energy harvesting sensors and dispersed computing offers great possibilities for the so called Global North, we claim in thisnewsletter that they offer even bigger opportunities for the Global South to catch us up. What are the relevant contexts and tools for radical transformation in countries and cities that are currently lacking behind?

Harnessing the Internet of Things for Global Development 

As written in the aforementioned HuffPo story, sensor deployments are improving development activities in research, policy formulation, service delivery and monitoring and evaluation across a range of different sectors including agriculture, sanitation, natural resource management, and energy.

How The World Will Transform Once There Are Environmental Sensors Everywhere
Especially looking at the natural resources, this FastCoExist article lists a wide range of examples of environmental sensor use, reducing for example waste and pollution in cities.

Thanks to everyone who attended our Breakfast and/or the Naked Approach Technology Meets Business Seminar

Researcher Thomas Kraft explaining the Naked Approach vision to seminar participants

Future events:

Feel free to send forward information about these events to people who might be interested.

25 Feb 8:30-10:00

Naked Breakfast: Focusing on Users, Demos Helsinki, Töölönkatu 11.

A breakfast seminar. Theme on February is users, social IoT and collaboration. Meet companies and researchers working for the hyperconnected planet with a delicious free breakfast. Sign up here.


24 March  8:30-10:00

Naked Breakfast, Place and theme tbd

Invitation link not open yet.


25 April Afternoon

Naked Approach Industry Seminar

A major industry seminar focusing on especially collaboration opportunities between research and business. Invitation link not open yet.


31st May – 1st July

The SHIFT, castle of Turku, Finland

How do we stay healthy, how do we learn and how do we produce and consume energy? At the SHIFT we see technology, especially virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence, as some of the main factors in shaping this future.


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