Naked Newsletter VII – New Ways of Value Creation

Naked Approach is a research project building the hyperconnected world with the sensor revolution. Hyperconnectedness and sensors will radically change the way we perceive, act, do business and interact in the world. Demos Helsinki has published two scenarios about the hyperconnected planet until the year 2040. Download the book for free here.


Important: Something to do and somewhere to go to

Important – only you can help us: Fill in this questionnaire to help us map the new value creation methods (takes 2 minutes to answer). For this research, we are surveying companies about their goals and ways to develop their business through smart, connected processes, products and services. We will send you the research results after the analysis.

Important – you really should join in: 18th January, The Naked Approach Industry Seminar in Tampere. Come see what happens when nearables take shape in the world around us. How can your business benefit from them?

Inspiration: New Ways of Value Creation

There are at least 7 ways to create value in upcoming hyperconnected business environments. These 7 ways are Smarter products, Real-time directed resources, Efficiency of manufacturing, Energy savings, Data commercialization, X-as-a-Service models and Platforms. Below you’ll find some easily chewable additional information on all of these.

Smarter products

Why smart lightning has not been adopted already? (IoT Journal)

Real-time directed resources

This McKinsey report is 4 years old, but still timely: “Are you Ready for the Era of Big Data?” (McKinsey)

Efficiency of manufacturing

Can radical increases in efficiency save old industries? Case in US. (Scientific American)

Energy savings

Another oldie, this time from the Guardian: Being energy efficient is key to being competitive

Data commercialization

A sane commentary from Harvard Business Review (2013) on data based business.

X-as-a-Service models

How to succeed in XaaS economy? (Pando Daily)


Three Elements of a Successful Platform Strategy (HBR 2013)

A big thanks for everyone who participated our Business Model Drawing Breakfast. 

Related events

Feel free to send forward information about these events to people who might be interested.

14 Jan 8:30–10:00
Naked Breakfast Session, Demos Helsinki, Töölönkatu 11..

A breakfast seminar to meet companies and researchers working for the hyperconnected planet. Join us by signing in with this form.

18 Jan Afternoon

Naked Approach Technology Seminar, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere

An intense afternoon seminar with groundbreaking ideas, panel discussions and networking cocktails.

Sign in using this form.

31st May – 1st July

The SHIFT, castle of Turku, Finland

How do we stay healthy, how do we learn and how do we produce and consume energy? At the SHIFT we see technology, especially virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence, as some of the main factors in shaping this future.


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