Naked Newsletter III – Augmenting work

Naked Approach is a research project building the hyperconnected world with the sensor revolution. Hyperconnectedness and sensors will radically change the way we perceive, act, do business and interact in the world. Do you want to take part in building the Nordic hyperconnected society? Check out our events below!


Inspiration: Augmenting work

This week’s Newsletter is about hyperconnected society and work. Will the new datasets, abundance of sensors and cheap automation liberate us from work, or does it mean the end of work and meaningful participation to the society? I’ll share two of our own blog posts and three pieces from HBR (soft paywall).

Future of work is one of hyperconnected world’s key tensions | Demos Helsinki

A short intro on one of the most important current uncertainties from the perspective of our upcoming scenario publication.

The New Productivity Challenge | Harvard Business Review

A Peter Drucker piece from the 1991, explaining why knowledge work will not become more productive. (Via Esko Kilpi)

The Internet Has Been a Colossal Economic Disappointment | Harvard Business Review

For all its economic virtues, the Internet has been long on job displacement and short on job creation. As a result, it is playing a central role in wage stagnation and the decline of the middle class.

Beyond Automation | Harvard Business Review

Unless we find as many tasks to give humans as we find to take away from them, all the social and psychological ills of joblessness will grow, from economic recession to youth unemployment to individual crises of identity.

The Future of Work is a Satire of Work: Jobs are Dumbing Down

My draft on what kind of works there will be in the future. Feel free to comment the text at Medium. The text is not a statement but a work in process.


Future events:

3 November: Naked Approach breakfast session, Arkadia International Bookshop 

(Nervanderinkatu 11)

Welcome to the Naked Approach breakfast session, where we discuss about “how to do business in a hyperconnected society”. Morning seminars are exclusive to our inner circle of thought leaders. We can take the first fifteen people who sign up to this event. There are still a few places to grab! Open the link to the signup form.

11 November: Naked Approach @ Slush, Messukeskus

The launch of our scenario publication about the hyperconnected society.

11 November:  Peloton Club goes Naked with Slush, Putte’s Pizza & Bar

The afterparty of the publication event. Come here to meet a lot of people from various backgrounds, interested in the IoT, industrial internet and smart cities.



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