Naked Newsletter I – After Wearables, Nearables

Naked Approach is an advanced technology research and development project building a hyperconnected world with the sensor revolution. Hyperconnectedness and sensors will radically change the way we perceive, act, do business and interact in the world.


Get in the mood for a hyperconnected future:

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Do you want to take part in building the Nordic hyperconnected society? Check these three questions and their answers and see if you learn something new.


What is the Naked Approach research project about?

Get Naked with Nearables – blog by Johannes Koponen

“When most objects and services have a name and a means to communicate with them, we will not need smartphones or wearables anymore. The information and communication technology becomes an integral part of our surroundings.”


How smart does your bed have to be before you are afraid to go to sleep at night?

We are not up to anything new here: questions regarding safety, consumers needs, equality and accessibility of the Internet of Things have been asked already two decades ago. Read this speech from 1994 and see for yourself if our topics today are new or not.


Do people really want smarter toothbrushes?

Gordon Hui lists three questions that all IoT product developers need to ask before starting to design their product in his article for Harvard Business Review.

What we’re working on at the moment: We’re using the 10 Nordic principles for a Hyperconnected Society to construct an index for comparing nations and providing them with recommendations about how to do this correctly. What do you think? Comment on our blog.


Future events for Naked Approach

Naked Approach morning seminar

Peloton Club Naked – Slush warmup
Naked Approach @ Slush


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